Meet Our Professional Staff

Robert T. Motazedi, M.D.
Board Certified Cosmetic Laser Surgeon
Dr. Motazedi graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1985 and went on to complete an Internship in General Surgery at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  In 1993, Dr. Motazedi established the Colorado Laser Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO and in 1997 he received his Board Certification by the American Board of Laser Surgery in the areas of Cosmetic and Dermatological Surgery.   Dr. Motazedi was the first physician in Colorado to become Board Certified in the use of Cosmetic Lasers.

Dr. Motazedi is certified to use multiple laser systems including the CO2, Fraxel, Medlite Nd/Yag, Lutronic Nd/Yag, Erbium, Gentle Yag, Photoderm, Epilight, etc.  He also is well trained in the administration of BOTOX and fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Radiesse.  Dr. Bob has performed well over 1,200 CO2 full face resurfacing procedures in his Colorado Springs clinic and is considered an expert in the field of laser acne scar revision and facial laser rejuvenation.  Dr. Motazedi has experience in the treatment and cosmetic removal of benign and cancerous moles and lesions.
For several years, he has presented general session lectures covering the removal of tattoo ink and the treatment of tattooing complications like allergic reactions during conferences held in Dallas, TX. 

Dr. Motazedi is a current member in good standing with The American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery, The American Board of Anit-Aging Medicine and The Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation.

Physician Extender
Certified Paramedical Esthetic Professional
Victoria has been working with Dr. Motazedi since 1990 as a Physician Extender and became Certified as a Paramedical Esthetic Professional in 2000.  She is also a founding member of the Society for Paramedical Esthetics Professionals.  Since 1989, Victoria has been involved with the treatment of spider veins on the legs and body and has performed over 10,000 sclerotherapy treatments at the Colorado Laser Clinic.  She has worked along side Dr. Motazedi for more than 18 years and has been certified to operate multiple laser systems including the Medilite Nd/Yag, Lutronic Nd/Yag, Photoderm, Epilight, Medilux IPL, Fraxel, Gentle Yag, etc.  Victoria also is experienced in the administration of BOTOX and is Certified to perform physician strength peels.  In 2002, Victoria completed training in the application of Permanent Makeup to enhance facial beauty and areola repigmentation after reconstructive breast surgery.