Before                 After 4 treatments

Before laser removal                          After 15 treatments   

Allergic reaction to tattoo ink before

and after laser removal

Before                 After 4 treatments

Allergy to tattoo ink                         After laser removal

         Before laser removal      After 14 treatments   

Before                        After 15 treatments

tattoo removal

Before laser removal                     After 12 treatments

The Colorado Laser Clinic has been treating tattoos with lasers for more than 25 years and has performed over 40,000 tattoo treatments.  We use the very latest in tattoo removal technology implementing lasers to treat unwanted tattoos on the body and face. The Lutronics Nd/Yag laser were specifically designed to treat tattoos and therefore offer patients the safest and most effective treatment available.
Under normal circumstances tattoo inks remain permanent because the particles deposited at the time of tattooing are too large for the body to remove. By using lasers specifically designed to treat tattoos, the tattoo pigment is broken up into smaller particles, allowing the body to reabsorb and flush the ink out.   Different pigments require the use of different laser frequencies, so having a professional carry out the treatment is critical for success.
Treatments are spaced approximately four to six weeks apart, and most patients will require six to fifteen treatments or more to completely clear the area.   Tattoos with colors like green, blue and yellow will require more time and patience on your part, but can be safely removed with the use of laser technology.    Side effects like scarring are extremely rare in our clinic due to the precision of the lasers and the experience of our staff.    

Dr. Motazedi also specializes in the treatment of allergic reactions associated with tattoos and permanent makeup.
We also offer a gang tattoo removal program for those individuals up to age 25.  The Colorado Laser Clinic will determine which individuals that are accepted into this special program.  Tattoos must be considered to be intrusive and gang related.     

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